Not just wine...

We don't just produce good wine at Fattoria di Rodano: we also produce oil and breed pigs in the wild.

There are also many more small and big animals keeping us company...

The yard animals

Any respectable farm, as you know, keeps yard animals. 

Little Agnese's increasing demands and our great respect from them means our animals are loved and treated as members of the family... our Tibetan goats are each named by Agnese and they live in harmony with the cocks, hens and rabbits.

Our pigs

We have about 20 pigs born to two parents, Gigi and Rosa, whose union saw the birth of Cinta, red and grey pigs, with the re-emergence in Tuscany of some old species. 

They have a large area reserved for them in the oak woods, which was fenced off and where they live in the wild and where they can eat acorns, which they love so much. They are fed organic broad beans and barley.

The pets

Old Birbo was the first in a long rustic line of "Rodanese" dogs. Well recognised in the area, they even visit our neighbours in their sitting rooms where they are always welcome. 

The cats, Coccolina and Margherita, can be found cuddling in the sun or the summer shade. Hoping not to hurt anybody’s anybody’s feelings, we should also mention the two goldfish...

The birds

Lastly, the canary aviary is Enrico's great hobby, which he also passed on to Angelo. Listening to them sing in the morning is wonderful. 

Even if they are not bred in Rodano, we have wild bees and a myriad of insects living their lives in Rodano.

Cinta senese allevata allo stato brado alla Fattoria di Rodano

Capretta della Fattoria di Rodano