The Fattoria di Rodano Vineyard

In 1958, when he bought the farm, Carlo Pozzesi began planting vineyards, as there weren't any there at the time. The first bottled production was sold in 1967.

Now the company extends over 100 hectares, a third of which is composed of producing vines and the rest not yet in production, whose fruits will be reaped in about two years.

As well as the traditional Chianti Classico and Riserva Viacosta, two Supertuscans are also produced: Monna Claudia (Sangiovese and Cabenet-Sauvignon grapes) and Lazzicante (pure Merlot).

Chianti Classico derives from traditional red berry vines exalted in colour and scents.

In Riserva Viacosta, Sangiovese is a full wine, with a strong, yet sweet character, based on the warmth and elegance of the fine tannins.

We have been gradually replanting the old vines in recent years, taking into consideration the indications that emerged from the "Chianti Classico 2000" research, in particular regarding the rootstock, the density of the formation and the growth forms of the vines.

The Sangiovese clones used mainly come from vines in our company and clones selected in "Chianti Classico 2000" research, however it is ongoing.

La vigna della Fattoria di Rodano

La vigna della Fattoria di Rodano