The Fattoria di Rodano wines

Winemaking is an art, growing vines is know-how, love for the land and an attachment to roots.

Rodano wines express strong ties with the past and with traditions, with a strong personality.

They come from the passion of growing the vine, from respecting the land and the environment, favouring the presence of micro-climates and fungi, and enabling the useful development of flora and fauna.

They grow thanks to the lessons learned by the "old" people and the synergy of those working the land. 

Enrico Pozzesi manages his company in the recognition that relations, between the environment and the land, between the air, water, soil and heat and among those collaborating with him, transmit what has been learned over the years.

As well as the traditional Chianti Classico and Riserva Viacosta, two Supertuscans are also produced: Monna Claudia (Sangiovese and Cabernet-Sauvignon grapes) and Lazzicante (pure Merlot). 

The Riserva Viacosta and Monna Claudia are only produced in the years Rodano's micro-climate permits the production of high quality wines. 

Chianti Classico derives from traditional red berry vines exalted in colour and scents. 

In Riserva Viacosta, Sangiovese is a full wine, with a strong, yet sweet character, based on the warmth and elegance of the fine tannins. 

We have been gradually replanting the old vines in recent years, taking into consideration the indications emerged from "Chianti Classico 2000" research, in particular regarding the rootstock, density and growth formations of the vines.

The Sangiovese clones used mainly come from vines in our company and clones selected in "Chianti Classico 2000" research, however it is ongoing.

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La vigna della Fattoria di Rodano